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Help Wanted: Kicker

As Chief said in his blog it looks like Parkey is on his way out of town. According to multiple NFL experts the Bears brought in a group of kickers for a tryout today.

So let’s see what we are working with here:

Nick Folk

Folk is an 11 year veteran. He has had stints with the Jets, Bucs, and Cowboys. Here he is missing 3 FGs in a game against the Pats.

Blair Walsh

Blair has been in the league for 6 years mostly with the Vikings. Here is Blair’s top highlight.

Redford Jones

Jones graduated from Tulsa in 2017 but has yet to kick for an NFL team. Here he is practicing our worst nightmare.

Ernesto Lacayo

Lacayo, from Hastings college has kicked mostly in the Arena League. For those of you that love kickoff porn here you go:

Austin MacGinnis

MacGinnis was actually signed by the Bears for rookie mini camp . Here he is in a high pressure situation effortlessly hitting a 51-yarder:


Josh Gable

Gable kicked for the Nebraska Danger of the IFL and had an invite to Patriots mini camp in 2017. It’s said he has a stronger leg than anyone currently in the NFL. Here he is knocking down a pressure packed 47-yarder in practice.

That’s the list. I like that the Bears are out there early trying to fix the biggest problem from 2018. But let’s be serious. We all know who we want/need as the Bears kicker in 2019. Just get it done Pace!

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