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Super Bowl Bus Trip: Roasting Chris Long & Bball With Coach Buzz

As I type this we’re in a bit of a crisis. The bus is almost out of coolant in the middle of nowhere & after two attempts to stop & get some, no one’s been able to help us. We’ve just come to a sudden halt as *Larry’s spotted a third option & is reversing us back a ramp to get there. Fingers crossed.

*It’s now a common belief among us that our bus driver Larry is the reincarnate of PMT’s gambling goldfish, Larry II (RIP). Larry enjoys the casinos & gave us picks for the college games last night.

While we wait, here’s an update on what we’ve been up to since yesterday morning.

After a late start figuring out how to get the interior bus lights to work, the crew (Big Cat, PFT, Hank, Rone & I) cruised to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, down the street from Lincoln Financial where the (current SUPER BOWL CHAMPION) Eagles play. Defensive LB/DE Chris Long hopped on for Pardon My Take & I had the chance to talk to him.. As a Birds fan it was pretty exciting & I think we’re going to be lifelong friends now. Highlight of the day and you can listen to that episode here:


Then it was a long stretch to Blacksburg, VA. Several hours in we started to get stir crazy so we played chess & took turns reading excerpts from our favorite books. Or something like that.


We didn’t get there until almost 2am & all went straight to sleep because there was a big day (today) ahead of us.. we’d be hitting the court with one of the coolest coaches around.

This morning at 7am we rolled onto Virginia Tech’s campus & into the training facility for the Hokies basketball teams. Coach Buzz Williams was already getting a workout in & put us right to work learning drills. Not trying to say he was too hard on us, but by the time it was over, PFT & Big Cat were on their backs on the ground and Rone had “three raspberries” on his limbs & Buzz had to put a bandaid on his arm. (Video of that to come.)

Once we’d recovered it was back on the highway and despite our best laid plans, we seem to be making a lot of unexpected stops. Thankfully, there’s been a good selection of gas station souvenirs, of which I’m a connoisseur.

It should also be noted that I sat on the remote control making all TVs onboard fuzzy & no one has been able to fix it.


So ok… no TV and no coolant, Hank just smashed his head off the bus’s rear view mirror, Rone’s all banged up, PMT’s suit is sweaty & gross from the workout & he can’t change because of a bet… but it’s no problem. We’re fine – We’ve got a freezer full of DEVOUR, a tank full of gas & intermittent internet (so it’s just like being back at HQ and we feel right at home).

My travel slippers are on & I’m tossing in my headphones & cueing up the latest ZeroBlog30 episode. Next stop, NASHVILLE!!!!!

In the words of Larry,

“Let’s get on with the game & stop the horse-shit he-yah.”