If You Know Anything About Hockey, Nows Your Chance To Win Fan Duel

Think you can beat this squad? I would imagine you most certainly can. Click here to join

So for all you NHL Stoolies, here’s your chance. We’re finally showing you some love. You’re always complaining about a lack of hockey talk on the Stool so this is for you. I have absolutely zero fucking clue what I’m doing. I just picked a bunch of guys named Bergeron because that seems like a safe bet in the NHL. Took Jagr because I remember he crushed it in NHL ’94. I honestly just divided $55,000 by 9 and picked a bunch of dudes around the $6,100 range.

So my point is if you know what you’re doing and have any sort of fantasy hockey knowledge, this is your tournament. Everyone knows enough about fantasy football and hoops to give you a run for your money. If you know hockey you’re way ahead of the pack on this one.

$2,000 in total prizes, $600 for first place.
89 spots, prizes to 9th place.
$25 to enter, up to five entries allowed.
Tournament starts at 7pm EST on Saturday. Payouts occur after games end.