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Patrick Kane Openly Pines For Panarin At NHL All-Star Game

(source)–Rumors of a possible reunion between the Hawks and Panarin have swirled all season, and Kane undoubtedly would welcome it. They’re both excellent scorers and passers, which made them a marvelous fit as linemates until the Hawks traded Panarin to the Blue Jackets after the 2016-17 season.

If Panarin wants to return to Chicago in free agency this summer, Kane said he is all for it.

‘‘Yeah, of course,’’ he said. ‘‘We had so much chemistry together. It was fun playing with him. Artemi’s a great kid, too, so we had a lot of fun off the ice, and I think it translated on the ice because we were having so much fun. ‘‘Who knows what’s gonna happen to him next year, but it would be fun to play with him again.’’

A reenactment of Kane and Panarin at the NHL All-Star media festivities

I’ve been advocating for bringing former Chicago athletes home a lot lately. Derrick Rose, Robbie Gould, hell I did an entire blog about it. There is NOBODY I want home in Chicago more than Artemi Panarin and it would appear that Patrick Kane feels the same way. Kane had a quote that hockey had been his true love since he was 5 years old. Well that maybe true, but his soulmate is Artemi Panarin. The Hockey Gods found two guys born a half a world apart and put them together. They never should’ve been split up and god willing they’ll be together again next summer.

The Blackhawks will have money. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they let UFAs walk and manage to trade Anisimov and Gustafsson the Blackhawk will have $28 MILLION DOLLARS to spend.

save cap space

That’s a lot. Enough to sign Panarin, center depth, and re-sign RFAs. It’s all right there. Happiness is in our reach.