The Final Call Of All Boston Championships Since 2001 Has Me Ready To Run Through A Wall

This video proved what I’ve always preached: Joe Buck hate is the most tired, undeserved nonsense in sports. I’m not sure how many people still hate on Joe since his Pardon My Take episodes but if you were one before then you’re still a fool. He’s got like the top 3 calls in this highlight reel.

You know what I didn’t remember, though? Pat Summerall’s call against the Rams. Look, I understand letting the moment breathe. I appreciate that, in fact. But I thought there just wasn’t audio when I first watched this clip. I thought there was a chance Summerall died in the booth and I just forgot about it. I mean it was an incredible upset with a clinching drive engineered by a kid no one knew about just a few months earlier, how ’bout a little energy, Pat? Heavens at least announce that the kick was good or something.

Either way, I’m GASSED up now. Let’s add another one.