Is Deleting Tweets A Bitch Move?

Last night, I had somewhat of what one might call a “mental breakdown”. Was minding my own business, lying in bed, and suddenly my brain was ASSAULTED by thoughts of every single sweet thing my ex ever said to me, every moment that was “good”, every time I looked at him and thought damn, what a guy. This happened without my consent. It was like a brain rape. So there I am, waxing nostalgic over someone I CHOSE not to be with, and what do I decide to do? Hop on twitter, duh.

This is the danger of twitter, or at least of my twitter. When I’m having a mental breakdown, my instinct is to live-tweet it. And last night, that’s exactly what I did: (shoutout to the ladies with post notifications on who caught this)





Look, clearly none of these tweets should have seen the light of day. I know it was the right move to delete them, because they’re objectively insane. But is deleting tweets a bitch move? Sometimes I delete a tweet if it’s been one minute and I don’t think it has enough likes, but that’s not relatable. Also, that is a bitch move. Sometimes I’ll delete a tweet even if it’s doing well if I think it’s mean, or there’s just something about it that I don’t like, or if I accidentally say something offensive. Sometimes I’ll hate a tweet but someone will quote tweet it being rude about it so I’ll keep it just so they won’t get that “tweet not available” thing, completely as a fuck you.

I don’t think it’s cowardly, I don’t think it’s a bitch move. You know why? Because every single person in this world has said something out loud they wished they could take back. You can’t do that in real life, but you know what? You can do it on twitter. If you’re a dick about people deleting tweets, YOU suck, and tbh you should probably consider deleting not only some of your tweets, but your entire twitter account.