Somebody Is Still Letting Yoko Ono Sing And That Somebody Should Be Shot

Good gravy. Sounds like one of the cats she kills before supper. I would rather listen to Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg have a queef-off than hear this thing try to produce sounds. The sad part is I can’t even hate on Yoko that bad. No one else can be that much of a first class, untalented bitch and get away with it for over 4 decades. So diabolically asinine have to respect it. I suppose being the widow of one of the greatest musicians of all time can get you a hall pass for anything. She still needs to be put down. If there is a hell, Yoko Ono would be blasted over the loudspeakers nonstop.

As always, we turn to Bill Burr for guidance (answer my Tweets you soulless gingersack, please):