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Gritty May Want To Lay Low For A While After He Beat The Shit Out Of The Ref During A Mascot Dodgeball Game

Listen, Gritty. You know me. You know I’m all about gassing a few beers and chuckin’ knucks. But if there’s one thing you can’t do, it’s beat the shit out of the ref. I know that Dennis Wideman is your idol and everything like that, but think about the example you’re setting for all the kids out there.

Do you know how many youth league hockey refs are now going to get attacked by kids now anytime they disagree with one of their calls? It’s going to be absolute mayhem in rinks all across the country, all because Gritty decided to tee off on this zebra. It’s bad enough that youth hockey refs already had to worry about maniac hockey dads like “Way to go, Paul” in the stands…

…but now they need to worry about the kids kicking their ass as well? All because they want to grow up and be just like Gritty? It’s a damn shame. I know that Gritty represents Philly and he represents the Broad Street Bullies. But typically we would prefer to beat the shit out of the other team instead of attacking the refs. Go drop the gloves with one of the other mascots out there and you’ll be a hero in this city forever. Fighting a ref is a little tough to get behind. So you might want to consider laying low for a while.

P.S. – Gritty would never get sent to the hospital. Just saying.