Rajon Rondo Getting A Technical For Throwing A Towel During A Free Throw Is The Savviest Move Of The Season

This right here is why Rajon Rondo will continue to be one of the more sought after point guards in the NBA, no matter how old he is. He’s one of the savviest motherfuckers in the league. I mean look at what he’s done in his past:

He’s willing to throw fisticuffs with anyone in the league, big or small:

It sounds cliche, but Rajon Rondo will do whatever it takes to win in the playoffs, or I guess anytime he is on National TV. You can call Rondo a dickhead, an asshole, etc. But he’s also a winner.

Sure, this resulted in a technical. But, guess what? The next time Taj Gibson tries to shoot a free throw against the Lakers he’s going to be staring for a flying towel. This is Rondo’s IQ shining through the roof more than ever.