Wake Up With Jonathan Villar Sliding Right Into Brandon Phillips' Pooper

You can't watch Jonathan Villar try and sneak an extra base and end up sliding right into Brandon Phillips stink eye without laughing. This was on top for Not Top 10 for a while I believe, and rightfully so.
Villar knocks a base hit, should be a single. He sees the outfielder kind of lollygagging and decided to try and take 2. The throw beats him by a large margin, I mean a good 10 feet. Phillips fields the ball and doesn't even try and turn for the tag. He just casually sticks his glove between his legs and lets Villar slide rightttt into his donk. Villar was a dead man walking because of his bad base running mistake, and now he has his face right in this dude's ass.
Can't really do anything but pick up your helmet, walk back to the dugout and wash your face. No other way to get around this. I mean I have no clue why Villar tried to take that extra base, but it cost him.
Enjoy your weekend, friends. I love you all.