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Bull In A Chinese Food Shop Obliterates Hungry Patrons

“Hey honey I’m cleaning up my plate in a Chinese food place! Get a good picture… WHAM I’M DEAD!” A lot of people try to tell me eating a ton of Chinese food isn’t healthy for you. Good news for that lady, its going to be hard to overdo it on the MSG with a jaw that’s wired shut. I gotta be honest, that definitely lived up to the hype of what a “Bull in a China Shop” would sound like. A lot of crunch, lot of kinetic energy, and tons of screaming.

I can’t imagine this is too out of the ordinary for China, especially based on the way the one guy calmly ushers it back out while not even dropping the hoon out of his mouth? This is how I’d like to imagine The Wonton Don would react if the next episode of Woah That’s Weird, where he eats the aorta of a caterpillar-fed skunk, was interrupted by an unruly ungulate.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 7.46.09 PM

Shoutout to Eddie Lacy who (at one time in the not so distant past) ran through defenses AND “China Food” like this bull. Turns out he did a little too much of one of those to still do the other.