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Roniah Tuiasosopo Is The Craziest Dude On The Face Of The Planet Earth

This is obviously not news. We all know this fa’afafine motherfucker is fit for a straight jacket. But watching and listening to him talk to that creep Dr. Phil really lets you see how much of a fucking lunatic he is. This was just the first like 4 minutes and I was done with this gayball. Dude is just yuckin it up. Laughing and chit chatting like it ain’t no thang. I don’t think he even realizes how wacked people think he is. Like at that point when he explains he made up the name by taking half his Grandma’s name and half his mother’s name, even Dr. Phil is like “This guy is mentally fucked.” Just really bizarro world wacky stuff when you see someone talking about the absolutely strangest human behavior like its not big deal.