Update - Pat The Patriot is In the Hospital With Internal Bleeding (Probably)After Being Attacked By Unnamed Jets Player at the Pro Bowl

NESNIt’s been a rough few days for Pat the Patriot down in Orlando, Fla., for the Pro Bowl.

On Wednesday afternoon, the New England Patriots mascot was welcomed to the festivities with a shower of boos from fans and a blind-side tackle from New York Jets safety Jamal Adams.

It seemed like a harmless joke and all, but Michael DiRocco of reported Thursday that Adams’ hit actually sent the person in the mascot suit to the hospital.

So I blogged this story yesterday.  An unnamed scumbag Jets player attacking the Patriots mascot at the pro bowl.   I actually blamed it on Pat the Patriot for being at the Probowl in the first place.  That only losers go to the Pro Bowl.   Champions go to the Super Bowl.

But now we’re finding out that the Pats mascot was admitted to the hospital with what I can only presume are life threatening injuries.

Well even though I’m still disgusted by the fact our mascot degraded himself by showing up to this convention of loses that still doesn’t excuse the Jets player behavior. This is assault plain and simple.   Whoever attacked Pat the Patriot should be thrown in jail.  Takes a real coward to blindside a mascot when big brother is too busy winning championships to protect him.   Classic Jets behavior indeed.