I Don't Think I've Ever Rooted For Anyone To Get Hit By A Subway Train Until Now


Most of the people hit by the trains this year were stupid, but they didn’t deserve it. Like the Asian guy who died was pushed off the platform and basically murdered. And that guy who was taking a shit in between the cars who died really needed to take a dump. Can’t blame him or say he deserved to get run over.

But these pigs. These pigs deserve to be rundown by an express train. That may be harsh to say, but I can’t help it. Thats how I feel deep in my heart and in my gut. You fuck with the subway tracks you deserve to die. The only thing more terrifying than the subway tracks and the third rail is the itchy pink insulation in the attic. Its been permanently ingrained in my brain to avoid both of those things at all costs. If you fuck with insulation in the attic you deserve to get a red itchy rash and if you fuck around on the subway tracks you deserve to get hit by a train.