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Canadian Man Steals Car But Makes Sure To Return All Of The Victim's Items And Says Sorrey


CBC – A Springbrook, Alta., woman experienced the most Canadian of carjackings on Tuesday, which saw a thief with a gun return her purse, phone and lunch then apologize before taking off in her vehicle. 

The man then stole the woman’s vehicle, but not before asking a couple questions of his own.

“He asked if I had any children in the back of the vehicle. I said no. Then he asked me if there was anything I needed, like my phone, and I said ‘Yes, if you’re going to leave me in –20 C on a gravel road, I would appreciate my phone,’ so he gave me my phone, my purse and my lunchbag.” … “I said, ‘Thank you [for returning her things],’ and he said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I said, ‘That’s fine.’ I guess it was just a reaction because he was stealing my car and had a gun in my face,” she said.

I feel like getting car jacked in Canada would still be the most pleasant interaction with a stranger that you would have in America. Or at least anywhere in the northeast. I know all you midwest folk try to be polite and shit like that but nowhere in the northeast would this type of courtesy be extended in the middle of a car jacking.

I’m just trying to picture the way this all went down. It’s like, “excuse me, m’am. But may I please borrow you vehicle for a little while? I promise I’ll be careful with it, I won’t go too fast around any turns, and I’ll return it to you with a full tank of gas in the morning. Before I go, here’s all your stuff and would you like me to pick you up anything while I’m on the road? Thanks again, and I’m terribly sorrey about all of this”.

They say that stereotypes are bad and everything but what about when people live up to the stereotypes other people have about them? Because day after day after day, Canadians are always living up to their stereotypes. Fascinating people.