Yolanda Hadid Shows Off Her Body Free Of Implants While Denying Bella and Gigi Hadid Have Ever Gotten Plastic Surgery


Yolanda Hadid posted this on Instagram with the caption letting everyone know that she is free of all implants, botox, fillers and any other bad shit that she may have had in her body. Good for her. She’s 55 years old and absolutely working that mirror insta pic. But we can’t have Yolanda Hadid talking about being free of all things plastic surgery without people bringing up her two daughters, Bella and Gigi…

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Hair & Makeup

Obviously just two absolutely gorgeous human beings with or without surgery but a commenter wrote this under Yolanda’s pic and Yolanda responded back…


A lot of people are finding this hard to believe and so am I. Bella and Gigi are two of the most gorgeous supermodels on the planet right now and that isn’t a discussion, but I could definitely see them having dabbled in a nose job and fillers at some point. Bella Hadid looks like she was sent here from the future

Listen, if you wanna get plastic surgery/fillers/botox, you do you.  I don’t care if you do it and neither should anyone else, BUT I do understand why people get mad when people lie about getting plastic surgery while preaching about how natural they are. Either way, they’re both absolutely flawless so plastic surgery or not, good for them.