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Hue Jackson Telling Jimmy Haslem And John Dorsey To "Get The Fuck Out Of My Office" Was The Moment He Truly Became Browns Coach*

*Unfortunately It Was Also The Moment After He Had Just Been Fired

ESPN- According to people briefed on the meeting, on Oct. 29, Haslam and general manager John Dorsey entered Jackson’s office and told him the team was going to move in a different direction. Jackson asked why he was being fired. The team quit on you, Dorsey replied. At the time, four of the eight Browns games had gone to overtime. “Get the f— out of my office,” Jackson said.

Hue Jackson really can’t catch a break. As if going 3-36-1(!!!) during his time in Cleveland and getting fired riiiiight before the Browns turned it around wasn’t bad enough, now it comes out that he got fired once he had figured everything out. Yeah I guess you can say that any coach that went 3-36-1 deserved to get fired somewhere in between the 1-15 season and 0-16 season or that the only reason the Browns turned it around is because they fired Hue. But I like to think that Hue breaking out his best Ari Gold impression at Jimmy Haslem and John Dorsey was his Presidential moment.

That right there is a leader of men. Guys that strong-minded personalities like Baker Mayfield, Todd Hayley, and Gregg Williams will get in line behind and die for. Not some meek man talking about which seat you are sitting in.

As a Giants fan, I always hear about how Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin both had epiphanies about getting a second chance and doing things there way because they were almost definitely going to get fired if nothing worked out. If Haslem and Dorsey had agreed to tell Hue he was fired even though he wasn’t, they would have gotten that same reaction but been able to keep the man the Browns thought they hired three seasons earlier. Do the Browns win more games with New Hue at coach instead of Old Hue? Maybe. All I know is they missed the playoffs without him, so at that point you are just positioning yourself for a better draft pick, which Hue just so happened to be an expert at. Maybe Angry Don’t Give A Fuck Hue was the answer in Cleveland after all and if things had broken that way, they would be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl next Sunday. The world will never know…