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How Many Venomous Snakes Would You Stuff In Your Mouth To Save The Rainforest?

My number is zero. I would shove exactly zero venomous snakes in my mouth to save the rainforest. I dont even like the rainforest that much. I like the Rainforest Cafe though. Well, truth be known I’ve grown to like the Rainforest Cafe.

When I was a younger bird, I went to the rainforest cafe and ordered a chicken salad. I was trying to watch the ole el bees at the time so a healthy meal was in order. When they brought out my salad, much to my surprise, the leafs and greens through the salad were a bright array of colors. Purple. Green, obviously. Blue. Even red. I was shocked. It was like they had gone to the garden section at Lowes and dumped variously potted plants into a bowl and served it to me like that in Orlando. An outrage to be sure.

Anyway, I wouldnt shove a venomous snake in my mouth to save the Rainforest Cafe or the regular rainforest. I would shove exactly ONE nonvenomous snake in my mouth if I knew that I could save the river dolphins in the Amazon because they are a creature whose beauty is immeasurable. Again, no venom snakes even for the river dolphins.