Was Claude Giroux Seriously Arrested For "Repeatedly Grabbing The Buttox Of A Male Officer" In Canada?


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Claude Giroux was arrested Tuesday night according to the Ottawa Sun. A source told the Ottawa Sun Giroux was “repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer” and alcohol is believed to be involved. Several sources confirmed to the Sun that Giroux spent Tuesday night in jail and he is expected to be released without any criminal charges. No comment has been made by the Ottawa Police or the Flyers at this point.

Alllllll righty then. Alcohol was believed to be involved? You don’t fucking say. Somebody had a Happy Canada Day. Drunk or not, is this a power play by G or something we should be worried about? I’m all sorts of confused. There’s no reason at all to literally be playing grab ass with men if you’re a borderline superstar in the NHL. Not to mention being the owner of a salad that flows better than the Mississippi. My guess is he was beyond blitzed (not out of the ordinary for G) and took a joke a little too far. If only right hand man Hartsy was still around to look after the dude.