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Cowboys Running Back Joseph Randle Arrested For Stealing An $80 Bottle Of Cologne And $40 Worth Of Underwear


Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys


FRISCO (CSBDFW.COM)  Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was arrested on Monday for theft in Frisco, 105.3 The Fan has learned. Frisco Police confirm that the 22-year-old was arrested for Class B Misdemeanor Theft $50-$500, at Dillard’s at Stonebriar Mall. “The items that were stolen were underwear and cologne,” said Lieutenant Jason Jenkins with Frisco Police. The cologne is valued at approximately $80, while the underwear is worth $40.

Randle was booked and released on bond around 1:20 a..m. Tuesday. Randle has appeared in a reserve role this season, carrying the ball just 16 times for 113 yards. He enjoyed his best game of the season on Sunday, rushing five times for 52 yards. Dallas drafted Randle in the 5th round of the 2013 NFL Draft.



Joseph Randle’s contract???? 4 years, 2.3 million dollars. And I know, the first question is why? Why the fuck would someone who has that type of money be stealing an 80 dollar bottle of cologne. Well I’ll tell you why. The love of the game. This is like the old guy at the gym still playing pick up ball. He’s old, he has knee braces, his back is fucked up but he’s still out there banging bodies and getting dirty in the paint. It makes no sense, it’s absolutely moronic when you really think about it, but there is nothing he would rather be doing. And that’s Joseph Randle. Sometimes you just need to get off, and the only way to do that is steal some shit. Just because you signed an NFL contract doesn’t mean you retired from the Bad Boy Life. It’s dumb, but I understand it. Some people smoke crack, some people fuck whores, some people steal shit. Everyone needs to get off one way or another.



No but seriously this is really fucking dumb.





Joseph Randle really loves to wear a chain while playing football huh?


mc-pictures-eagles-vs-cowboys-20131020-020r620-b712e1c613524990d5c059a0fb53d94dCincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys