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Should Bill Belichick Retire And Start Coaching Lacrosse If The Patriots Win Another Super Bowl?

Bill Belichick has been coaching in the NFL since 1975. He’s been the head coach of the New England Patriots since 2000 and in that time, well, I don’t think you need me to tell you about what he’s done in that time. 5 Super Bowl wins in the 8 Super Bowl appearances the Patriots have made since Belichick took the team over, and now they’re going for their 6th Super Bowl in 9 trips. In the 19 seasons that Belichick has been with the Pats, they’ve won their division 16 times, including the past 10 in a row. He’s already the most decorated head coach in NFL history and now he has the opportunity to go out on top yet again.

All I’m saying is that he should at least consider it. Because from everything I know about Bill Belichick, he certainly doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would ever decide to take the easy way out of things. And right now, staying in the NFL is the easy way out. I mean he’s turned this league into a joke. He’s turned the AFC East into a bigger joke. 19 seasons with the Patriots and 9 trips to the Super Bowl. How is that even possible? And how can that even seem like a challenge to Bill Belichick anymore?

I think that’s the thing right there. Wild Bill is a man who constantly seeks challenge. He wants to better himself every day. And I believe that he’s reached a plateau of greatness in the NFL. It will never get better than Bill Belichick. Which is why he should move on from the NFL, challenge himself again and attempt to become the Bill Belichick of the lacrosse world.

Everybody knows that lacrosse is Bill’s one true passion. Coaching football is just what he does for a job. That would be like an accountant saying that counting numbers is his one true passion. It’s not. It’s just what he does to make money. Same goes for Bill Belichick and coaching football. But if it were up to him? He’d be out on the lacrosse field instead of the football field. And now could be the best possible time for him to make that switch. After his 6th Super Bowl win as a head coach, 8th total? Yeah, he might be time for him to take on some new challenges and what better way to challenge yourself than with the Sport Of The Future?

Also–I know a ton of people are immediately going to bring up some shit about how dumb this blog is because Bill Belichick would never make nearly as much money coaching lacrosse as he would staying in New England. But to those critics out there, all I have to say is one thing; you clearly don’t know Bill Belichick. Because if you think that money is what drives this man, well then you’re dead wrong. Competition is what drives Bill Belichick. Competition is what gets him up every morning. The ability to go out there and compete is all Bill Belichick craves. And the fact that this could end up being his 6th Super Bowl ring with New England? Well it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a competition anymore.

It just makes sense. You know it. I know it. Bill knows it. Go get yourself another Super Bowl ring next Sunday but after that, put down the football and pick up the lax twig. There’s some competition to be had out there.