Some Weirdo Activist Put Four Poisonous Snakes In His Mouth To Protest The Rainforest Getting Destroyed Or Some Shit

Instant reaction:

Oh shiiiiiiit. This hippie just put the brains of all thee people driving bulldozers and plotting out the destruction of the rainforest with this video into a giant pretzel. If there are are no more rainforests, what are activists going to use as an excuse to film themselves doing stupid shit so they can disguise it as activism? Nothing. So if you destroy the rainforest, you are also destroying this human’s soul, which is pretty much murder. Checkmate, bitches.

As someone that watches Planet Earth all the time, teared up during FernGully, and eaten at multiple Rainforest Cafes (nbd), I love rainforests. Getting rid of such an incredible ecosystem for so many animals in a world that is already fucked up beyond belief is actually bad. But when I watch some dickhead do a “look at me” move like putting poisonous snakes in his mouth for some cause, me and thousands of other people are instantly hoping he gets bitten and instead of getting behind his cause, we wish nothing but ill will upon whatever cause he says he is doing it for (when again, it’s really just self promotion). So I guess after all this, I am officially now anti-rainforest and want them to turn all the trees into No. 2 pencils and destroy countless awesome animals so we can get more land for cattle or whatever else they use rainforest land for these days. Sorry YP.

JK, I love the rainforest and all its creatures. But still, fuck this asshole. Lets watch some of the Jungles episode of Planet Earth and get the bad taste of hate out of our mouths.

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