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Akiem Hicks Is The Baddest Man On The Planet And On The Internet

We all know that Akiem Hicks is a talker on the field and a BADDDDD man. When he’s mic’d up. A word of advice to all the keyboard warriors out there…Akiem will internet body bag you too. Do NOT step, tweet, talk, or anything or you’ll get dragged.

You push your J out with two hands and poor wrist action…boom roasted

akiem hicks tweet 1

This one hit home a bit. I read the comments(shout out to the Gold Club), I’ve been to reddit. We are all sensitive on the internet. Follower ratio fucking matters. Everyone knows that. If you are 1:1 you suck. That’s a fact. The weirdest people on the internet are the people who follow 50k just so they can have 50k followers. I feel like this was more prevalent back in the early days of this app, but people ALWAYS used to ask for you to follow them back. And you know what…sometimes I did. I didn’t know. And…I feel shame about it to this day. Akiem is GOING hard here and hitting right where he knew he could hurt this guy the most.

akiem hicks tweet 2

Fat-face-mirror selfie-taking head ass cuz you ain’t got no friends looking weirdo. You dead, bitch. NEXT!

akiem hicks tweet 3

Again, Akiem knows where the soft spots are. For patchy face losers…it’s right in the cheeks where the hair density is weakest. How do I know? Because I haven’t shaved since Sunday and this is my face

no beard face

Weak as fuck. Barely even a man. 32 years old and get carded everywhere because I have chubby youthful cheeks and no beard to cover it up.

akiem hicks tweet 4

Shut up you unemployable BITCH. And Cheryl…don’t think he forgot about you

akiem hicks tweet 5

Anytime this meme gets pulled out I feel like it’s checkmate. What do you say to that? I don’t even fully understand what it means because even though I’ve got the facial hair of a 14 year-old I’m still too old to get SpongeBob jokes.

akiem hicks tweet 6

KEEP HIS FAMILY’S NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! This legit got me fired up. The Bears defense and this team LOVES each other. This wasn’t much of a roast. I just wanted people to see how much he cares.

akiem hicks tweet tweet 7

U-G-L-Y but you wouldn’t hear that come out of Akiem’s mouth. Nope. He’s a gentleman. Ma’am, you and your hippo looking face have a nice day.

akiem hicks tweet 8

When your ex looks like you, it’s easy to stay away. Akiem could’ve said that, but he didn’t. Gentleman, indeed.

akiem hicks tweet 9

And finally…nobody is safe. Not even Aaron Rodgers crepe eating ass

akiem rodgers

If you’re going to come at Akiem, you better come correct. I love that he’s willing to mix it up with haters, losers, and trolls online. Don’t see enough of that and Akiem is one of the best. Guy LOVES getting in mentions. Might get off tweets faster than he gets off the ball which is saying something.