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Allonzo Trier Went Hard In A Fan's DMs Who Called Him Out For Leaving Eric Gordon Open At The End Of Last Night's Game



Well I guess we can put the Allonzo Trier jersey retirement on hold. I thought Iso Zo was doing whatever was necessary to make sure the Knicks tank stayed on course while also not making it too obvious by putting up 31, which would make him instantly a Knick legend if the extra ping pong ball we got from last night’s loss was the one that helped land us Zion, RJ Barrett, or Ja Morant. Nope, turns out Tim Hardaway Jr. fucked up on defense. Not quite a shock now that you think about it.

Don’t get me wrong though, I loooooove that Trier went in this dude’s DMs. We are always hearing about NBA players and execs having burners to talk their shit for them. But Trier said fuck all that and fought his own damn battle. I’m sure some people will criticize Zo for DM’ing this dude instead of replying to the tweet for the whole public to see. But doing that calls out your teammate on Twitter and brings in the rest of the Twitter riff raff into the mix tweeting 10,000 of the same reaction gifs.

Instead Trier decided to handle it like a man in private while also saving both of their mentions from becoming a garbage dump of gifs. There is something to be said for that.

Also quick shout out to the greatest tweet a Knick has ever sent a fan


As well as the greatest DM a Knick has ever sent a fan