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The Real Josh Allen Should Be At The Top Of All NFL Draft Boards Strictly Because Of This Workout Video Which Can't Be Real

I know Coley was ready to move a wide receiver to the No. 1 spot on his NFL big board. But, just wait a damn second here. Josh Allen isn’t a human after watching this. Based on not being a human you should 100% draft him No. 1 overall.

This video simply doesn’t make sense to me. I mean Josh Allen is 6’5″, 260lbs. No one that big – or really at any size – should be able to move like that. It doesn’t look real. This has to be some sort of optical illusion. Now, this may be hating treadmills. But, no one runs like that, right? I feel like this how you break a treadmill or throw your back out. Maybe both. Maybe that’s just me.

Listen, I know you can point at his 17 sacks. I know you can point at 5 forced fumbles. I know you can point at the fact he can drop back in coverage and play a hybrid role. I know you can point at him being a good run defender as well. But, nope. Between that video and this press conference, Josh Allen should be No. 1 overall: