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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 3 - I'll Never Ask A Waiter For A Recommendation


-Asking a waiter or waitress what they recommend is useless. Everyone has different taste buds and preferences. You should know what you like. And they’re not going to say anything on the menu is bad. They’ll probably just recommend the pricier option, to increase the bill and therefore the tip.

-Do people say “it’s nippy out” when it’s cold because it makes our nipples harden and become visible?

-It’s weird to think about how important being fast was as a kid. It was really a sign of social status. Everyone knew who the fast kids were, and they were often admired for their speed.

-I’m fascinated by people who un-ironically say/type “I’m dead” or “I’m weak” when laughing. Grow up.

-I’m not a “say it to my face person.” I’d rather you do it behind my back/behind a keyboard so I can avoid a potential physical confrontation.

-I really hate talking during a haircut. I just want to close my eyes, relax, and enjoy it. If I’ve been going to the same barber for awhile and he gets too chatty, I will switch places. You’re less likely to get conversation on your first few cuts at a new place.

-One thing I do like is that when I sit down at my current place, my barber says “how are you doing handsome?” That makes me feel nice.

-When on the train, I don’t mind if two people are having a (quiet) conversation. But if someone is talking on the phone/FaceTime, I despise them with a burning passion. Not sure why.

-A lot of kids like to say “Yeah school just isn’t really for me” or “I’m more street smart than book smart” or “I’m not good in school, but I’m smart in other ways.” On rare occasions, those people go on to become successful entrepreneurs. In most cases, they’re actually just bad in school because they’re idiots.

-Spiking a football seems like the very definition of “intentional grounding.”

-The Venn Diagram of people who call the bathroom the “lavatory” and responded “present” instead of “here” during school attendance, is just a giant circle.

-There should be a rap song that uses wordplay off of url (the Internet) and irl (in real life). Something like – “You know I stay tough irl – you only tough on the url” could work. That’s pretty fire.

Thank you for your time.

Stay tuned next week for a special travel edition of Thursday Thoughts from Atlanta.