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The Most Electric Player In College Basketball Is DePaul's Rec-Spec Wearing One Man Bench Mob

Pantelis Xidias is the most electric college basketball player in the country. I don’t care about Zion. I don’t care about Chris Clemons. I don’t care about Ja Morant. It’s my guy right here, who has been dominating the bench mob scene for a couple of years now.

I mean look at him from last night:

Dance moves? Check. My dude is just going to dance his ass right all over Villanova while up 9. Who cares if they end up losing? It’s all about being in the moment and that’s what Pantelis is all about.

Hhe’s out here willing to rip his goggles and warm up shirt off over this dunk. I dare you to find a better individual bench celebrator in the country. You can’t. My dude was ready to check in the way he started to rip that warm up shirt off.

Look at this vertical!

Oh, and if you try to talk shit to him, it’s clear he works out. I advise you don’t. My man is going to flex all over you.

Long live Pantelis and I need DePaul to get good quick. Imagine Pantelis in the NCAA Tournament. He’ll put Monmouth bench mob to shame. He’ll be coming up with all sorts of new celebrations. He’s already made DePaul games must watch because of that, now get him on the big stage.