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Enes Kanter Was Crying About Not Playing Tonight And Alluded To Wanting To Be Traded Even Though The Knicks Almost Upset The Rockets

Will someone tell Enes Kanter to either give back the rest of the $18 million contract he willfully optioned into this summer or to shut the fuck up? I get being upset about your playing time, especially if you were told you were going to play earlier in the day. But I imagine David Fizdale and the rest of the coaching staff thought about what would happen if Kanter had to defend James Harden on switches tonight and figured it would be better to give him a DNP-CD instead of watching Harden rain threes in Kanter’s face. Can you imagine how many points Harden could have scored if Kanter had to switch onto him? He had 61 without Kanter checking into the game. I honestly think Kobe’s 81 would have been in serious jeopardy. The Knicks just battled their dicks off in a game against a guy on a historic scoring heater and Kanter is in the locker room talking about himself. I’m not saying I would ever be in Turkey’s corner. But I can understand that Kanter can be a frustrating person to deal with sometimes. Especially with these stupid ass emoji tweets.

If you are going to act like an emo teenage girl, at least give me a catchphrase like #StayMe7o so we can have some fun with it. Is it too much for Kanter to give some cliche answers immediately after the game where the guys that aren’t complete liabilities on one end of the court busted their ass and gripe to the media tomorrow. Trade this guy for ZBo or any other combo of expiring contracts ASAP. I don’t care about getting back any real assets either. This young team has given us way too much effort and made tanking actually fun to have to hear some guy who rightfully lost minutes bitch and moan after a tough loss.