Disgruntled DJ Swearinger Teed Off On Jay Gruden And Said The Skins Will Never Win With Him

Hey wait, it’s not even the offseason yet, save some stories for spring time! But alas, this is the Redskins Circus we are talking about, so I’m sure there will be plenty to blog about in March and April as well. Today’s “The Redskins are a mess” story is brought to us by DJ Swearinger. You remember him, the safety who yapped to the media for 2 straight years about how poorly the Skins were coached until the Skins finally cut him mid season. Well, as it turns out, he is still salty and still yapping. And boy, he does not like coach Gruden. Not even a little bit.

I mean, there’s two ways of looking at this:

On one hand, DJ probably is speaking some truth. Gruden is a known player’s coach. He’s not a military drill instructor on the field. Swearinger obviously wants a coach who  enforces more discipline out of his players, especially at practice.

On the other hand, DJ does not know how to shut the fuck up. He’s been cut everywhere he’s been. He thinks he’s bigger than the team. He doesn’t act the way a professional should act. He talks a huge game and then misses tackles on the field, and then blames everyone besides himself for his shortcomings. Teammates and coaches must get sick of it. And I guess we know they do, seeing how he bounces around the league like a pinball.

I’ll tell you what, this team probably won’t win a Super Bowl any time soon, but it surely isn’t because of Coach Gruden. He’s not the one shopping for the groceries. He’s not the one running the team. He isn’t the one completely infuriating everyone who walks through the door. Gruden is doing the best he can with the situation he’s been given.

In conclusion, fuck outta here DJ Swearinger. There are a lot of reasons to hate the Skins, but being a pouty baby because they rightfully cut you makes you look small, not the Skins.