Luka Doncic May Have Just Single Handedly Fixed The Dunk Contest

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks

God dammit did Luka do it again or did Luka do it again?!? We all agree the Dunk Contest has needed to be fixed for a while now. It’s become a little stale over the years and with the news that Donovan Mitchell was opting to not defend his title, this year’s contest was in dire need of some buzz. Well, enter Luka and Dirk. What a move by these two to bring the excitement back to this contest. You insert Dirk anywhere and it’s impossible to hate. He was also invited to participate in the Three Point Contest and I’m all for making this year’s All Star Weekend just a giant Dirk tribute. Love Dirk, will always side with giving the people more Dirk. He’s a legend.

Now, the question becomes what on earth could they do? At 40 I’m not sure Dirk can do anything all that spectacular when it comes to a dunk contest but I’m not sure it even matters. We got footage this summer that suggested he still has some lift

We know Luka has some bounce as you can see below

and credit to him for not only having one of the best rookie seasons ever, but also taking on the responsibility of fixing this broken contest. What more can he do to win fans over? Ripping uniforms out of frustration, killing opponents with a deadly step back, and now this. I can already see him coming out in a vintage Dirk jersey as a tribute, Dirk getting emotional, it’s going to be a wonderful moment. Maybe rock the throwback cowboy hat from Dirk’s rookie year, I dunno the possibilities are endless.

But I’ll say this, these two have to deliver. I need them in the lab immediately to make sure we see something new. If I’m another participant in this contest I’m sort of bullshit right now because I’m not sure how you top a Luka/Dirk dunk contest pairing. I feel like that instantly bumps your score up at least 7 points.

Just when you thought the dunk contest may be shitty forever, here comes Luka to save the day. Bless him.



He better not be joking or else I take back everything I just said. Don’t play with people’s hearts Luka, that would be very uncool.