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Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

YTD 31-37-1 and I am officially banning myself from betting on Indiana. They are the biggest hype beast team with Langford and they just keep losing to these shitty teams. Especially yesterday as they were up in the game and then completely shit the bed. I haven’t been down this much this early in the week in a long time so this is a big night.


Rockets -8.5 @ Knicks

The only reason I am betting this game is because I will be going to this game. I am really not excited to go because this Knicks are just atrocious and nobody is worth seeing on that team. The good thing is that Harden is on a fucking tear, I mean this guy is averaging 35 a game. It is going to be fun to watch Harden dice u this defense in person. This isn’t a hard bet, Tim Hardaway is their leading scoring and that seems like a problem. Don’t think too much and just make the right choice.

Pick Rockets -8.5 


Wisconsin -4 @ Illinois

Wisconsin is riding high from their win against number one Michigan and they will continue to dominate tonight. I have usually been right all year of when Illinois is going to show up and they will get out played. Happ is going to have a field day on the court. He won’t have any trouble down low and xpect him to put up 25. There is a lot of grudge betting today because I don’t like what Illinois did to me last game and I am upset. There crowd isn’t going to be in their face all night so I really like this pic.

Pick Wisconsin -4

La Salle @ Fordham -2

I can’t believe I am going to say this but Fordham is the play of the night. This La Salle is really bad but they are frisky. They are frisky as shit when they are home but on the road against Fordham will be tough. La Salle is 6-10 against the spread but they always seem to be right on the number. They only have one good guy and that is Pookie Powell and that might be the coolest name in the world. If I lose this game because Pookie drops 50 so be it.  I think it will be a close game but Fordham pulls away late.

Fordham -2 

Please pray for me as I will be at the Knicks game and watching a shitty team and losing a bet can kill a man. I can’t have this happen to me.