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An Angry Mob Throwing Bricks, Garbage Cans, And Other Weapons Vs. A Guy Driving A Jeep: Who Ya Got?

Stabilized version:

I’ll be flat out honest with you guys, I have no clue what the fuck was going on in that video or how that Jeep entered the arena without a way to exit it. It was like a mix of being in a beef with a gang in Grand Theft Auto, a game of Kill The Carrier, a scene from Gladiator, and the greatest commercial for Jeep I have ever seen. I don’t know who won or lost that fight, but the winner of the video is clearly Jeep for crushing more bricks than Wreck It Ralph. Jeep is such a clear winner of this video, I didn’t even want to post this blog because of Portnoy’s strict #NoFreeAds policy. But if you don’t watch that video and walk away impressed with that Jeep’s ability to take a bricking and keep on ticking or that nobody appeared to get hurt as utter chaos broke out, you are an asshole. I am personally asking whoever is in charge of travel here at Barstool to book Caleb and Rone nothing but Jeeps whenever they chase a championship parade that may break out in a riot (So pretty much the next time a Philly team wins a title or after the next World Cup).

And in case anybody from Jeep is reading this, I think I just came up with your new slogan.


Lets hammer out the details of my cut for the ad campaign and get this commercial ready for the Super Bowl.