Does This Look Like The Face Of A Former Eagles Franchise QB Arrested For Drunk Boating?


PFT - Former (for now, possibly forever) NFL quarterback Kevin Kolb is back in the news, but not for good reasons. According to,Kolb was arrested Saturday in Willacy County, Texas on charges of boating while intoxicated. Booked at 2:44 a.m. on Sunday morning, he was released nearly 11 hours later.

Looking good, Kev! All he needed was a little run in with the law to be a perfect fit for the Jets. Seriously, the greatest trick Andy Reid ever did was convincing the world Kevin Kolb’s talent ever existed. Well, that and somehow not having Type-2 diabetes. In his defense, drunk Kevin Kolb probably has more cognitive abilities than sober Kevin Kolb. That brain should be sent to NASA for extensive study when it finally shuts down.

And that begs the question: Would you rather have a working brain and go through a run of the mill life or a mind of mush from concussions but snaked $20+ million along the way? Because I’d be happy not remembering what happened 5 minutes ago for WAY less than that monetary figure. Shit, give me 6 figures and I’ll go full Memento. It’s an absolute no-brainer (pun fucking intended).