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If You Aren't Paying $2,400 For The Louis Vuitton Jenga Game You Are Certified Poor

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Tell me, which one would you rather have:

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.02.18 PM

Poor ass Jenga Classic for less than an order at your local Burger King where you can buy the new BIG KING XL with 175% more beef than a Big Mac and no 3rd bun, orrrrrr

Baller ass Jenga like you read about.

NY Post - The storied French fashion house Louis Vuitton, known for its luxury logo-bedecked leather goods, is entering into the gaming arena.

Louis Vuitton’s latest release will have Hasbro shaking in their boots or LV chunky dad sneakers.

Enter: FW Jenga. Yes, you read that right. Louis Vuitton is releasing a Jenga set.

The game comes after the much-anticipated second menswear collection from much-hyped creative director Virgil Abol, which attracted an impressive front-row lineup — Timothee Chalamet, Naomi Campbell, Offset and Frank Ocean — to view Michael Jackson-inspired crystal-beaded jackets and a set reimagined from the NYC sidewalk from the “Billie Jean” video.

But don’t be fooled — this isn’t your typical, old-school wood-balancing-block game.

LV’s luxury upgrade features 54 LV monogrammed plexiglass cubes that will set you back a cool $2,400.

Damn. Being rich must be so cool. Imagine having game night, everyone comes over in their self-driving flying cars, you pop some designer ecstasy that keeps you both high and hydrated and good looking all at the same time, and then after some pigs in a blanket (some things never change no matter how much money you have) you break out your 54LV monogrammed plexiglass Jenga set. And nobody would even bat an eye (could have something to do with the aforementioned ecstasy, but it’s impossible to really know for sure).

After some whimsical rounds of Jenga, you do the thing I aspire to one day do more than anything- play Monopoly but with real money.

Honestly, it’s a dream of mine and theoretically you don’t even need that much money to do it:

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.29.57 PM

The issue is the bank starts with $20,580 total, so if you split that evenly among 5 of you (I feel any more than 5 people playing Monopoly at once is too many) you’re on the hook for $4,116. So I’m not quite ready to do that yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do list and I will one day do it before I’m 6 feet under, save I get hit by a bus leaving work today.