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Doing A God Damn Backflip Is The Best Form Of Takedown Defense I've Ever Seen

I’ve never seen anybody in my life quite so determined to not get taken down than the fella in blue here. Went full send on ‘em and somehow drove his opponent’s face into the mat in the process. Incredible. I don’t think a bulldozer could take him down, legitimately. He’d pull some Spider-Man shit and wind up driving the bulldozer before the bulldozer knew what hit it. If I so much as thought about attempting this, if the notion even crossed my mind, my ACL, MCL, meniscus, the whole fuckin’ knee would be torn to shreds, becoming pulled pork instantly.

To be entirely honest, I wish I would’ve caught wind of this defensive maneuver pre-UFC 229, so I coulda sent it Conor McGregor’s way before Khabib smeshed him, but you bet your ass the intel has been sent along for the potential rematch now.