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Don't Show This Clip Of 49ers Coach Katie Sowers To Your Grumpy Uncle Who Knows Less About Football Than Her

I think this is cool. Very, very cool. Nothing special about discussing the route calls obviously, but it intrigued me to do a little more research on Katie Sowers. It’s fitting that San Francisco is the spot of Katie Sowers employment, but the second woman to be hired to a season-long coaching job in NFL history is a name to keep an eye on similar to all assistants under Kyle Shannahan.

A woman coaching an NFL team has always been a tense conversation. I’ve heard both types of conversations on it: intellectual ones and very, very dumb ones. The dumb ones typically happen on the football message boards of the internet. I prefer to get intellectual AIDs from SEC Message Boards, so when I saw this clip of Katie Sowers one of my first reactions was to post it on an Alabama message board and just say “thoughts?”  and then sit back and watch.

Imagine the phone calls into Finebaum if a woman was hired as a head coach of Arkansas. Woof.