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Vanderbilt's Star PG (And Projected Lottery Pick) Darius Garland Leaves Vandy For The NBA Draft And People Are MAD ONLINE

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So last night it was announced that Darius Garland was going to leave Vanderbilt to train and rehab for the NBA Draft. Now, let’s set the record straight. Darius Garland is withdrawing from school to rehab a season-ending injury he suffered. He’s not just leaving the team high and dry.

If you think that. You’re an asshole. And yes there are people that think that.

I know Twitter isn’t the best place, but here are just a couple of reactions to his direct tweet – among others that I’ve heard talked about.

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Again, just a few examples and probably from the worst part where they are responding directly to Garland. But, with the talk of Scottie Pippen telling Zion to sit out the rest of the year and now this, there are takes flying around radio, TV, etc. It’s going to be talked about.

Here’s my thing. He’s forced to spend a year outside the NBA. Whether that’s college, G League, training or overseas, he has to spend a year getting ready for the NBA. Garland is going to be a lottery pick and possible top-10 pick. It makes sense for him to do whatever is the best for his draft future and leverage as much money as possible.

It’s a smart business decision.

Yes, it would be different if Garland was healthy. I could understand the uproar if that’s the case and Vanderbilt was fighting for an NCAA Tournament bid or looked like a Final Four team. Even then, I’d still side with the player to do whatever they want.

I say this a lot, but stop caring about what kids are doing to make their best business and life decision. It sucks when they leave your team, sure, but understand there’s a reason behind it.