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Joe Frazier Is FINALLY Getting A Statue In Philadelphia And It Is As Swoll As It Gets


Joe Frazier as a massive 10 ft tall statute is absolutely boss. Looks like he can consume boxers by the hundreds with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his ass.

Better late than never. Could’ve used this over 30 years ago when the legendary Heavyweight Champion finished his career. But also worth mentioning is this monument is big for Philly’s stigma. No longer can people bitch about “The only worthy statue in the city is of an imaginary figure.” Granted, those chirping asswipes don’t know about the bronze beauties of Schmidt, Dr. J, Harry K, Bernie & Clarkie, and many others that currently grace South Philly. Not to mention the THOUSANDS of murals we have around this great city, but whatever. Smokin’ Joe finally gets the memorial he deserves.

O/U until Bernard Hopkins demands a statue is currently set at yesterday.