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Hooker's Brother Finds Online Video Of Her Getting Railed In Exchange For A Shark's Tooth

FloridaA former Punta Gorda resident was arrested for secretly recording video of his encounter with a prostitute and posting that video online. Police say Nicholas R. Fornaro, 26, met Michelle O’Neill, 43, after he responded to an ad she’d placed on Craiglist in September 2012. The two met at Fornaro’s home, where O’Neill said she’d need $60 to “purchase some gas” for the drive home after the event. Fornaro agreed, according to O’Neill, and they got underway. She said she never saw any video camera or recording device in Fornaro’s bedroom. Once they were done, she asked for the money. But Fornaro allegedly told her he didn’t have any money, so he “offered her a ‘shark’s tooth’ that was estimated to be valued at $60.” O’Neill took the tooth and took off. About a week later, the woman said her brother contacted her to tell her about a video he found on a porn site featuring her encounter with Fornaro. She called police to file a complaint and got an attorney, who reportedly downloaded a copy of the video for evidence. O’Neill also told police she contacted Fornaro, who allegedly apologized and said he “didn’t think that she would have minded” that he recorded the affair. He offered to remove the video. She told him she was filing a criminal complaint, and he allegedly asked her not to because he was a corrections officer at a state prison. Investigators found the video, and others Fornaro allegedly posted under his screen name.

Fuck this fat bitch swapping pussy for shark teeth. Fuck this dude in jail, too. The real victim is Michelle O’Neill’s brother. I can’t imagine stumbling upon a relative when you’re getting ready to rub one out – but I can easily see how it happened here. He’s not all that different from me. He’s an ass man, and being an ass man means using the “Big Butt” filter on YouPorn. Using the “Big Butt” filter means you gotta sift through some disgusting shit before getting to a Grade-A apple bottom. This orca getting plowed is the kind of heinous crap I’m talking about. 300-pound mammoth bitches spreading their drapes in your face is the price you pay to get to the wannabe Alexis Texas clips. And I’d like to say if I saw a pig that looked like my sister while scrolling, I would just ignore it – but that’s a lie. I’d at least hover over it & rotate through the preview thumbnails. Thing is, I wouldn’t be doing it to confirm it’s her – I’d be doing it to make sure it wasn’t. Thinking you saw a still of your sibling getting stuffed is just as tormenting as knowing you saw her. The seed is planted, and the only way to get rid of it is to press play with your fingers crossed to prove without a doubt it isn’t her. It’s the only shot at not having the “Big Butt” filter ruined forever. Michelle’s brother tried to save it and it went horribly wrong – but I respect his hail mary effort. I’d have done the same.

KFC Editor’s note: So more or less this is basically just a story about a dude who fucked a hooker, filmed it secretly, posted online, and then the hooker’s brother found it, right? The 60 dollar shark tooth has no bearing on the story and the eventual outcome? What an absolutely amazing nugget of info to drop into your crime recap. That takes it from just your average Florida hooker story to a Barstool story about a hooker being paid in shark teeth.