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How To Make Baseball Great Again: Mid-Inning Beer Chugs Between Fans

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Why does every other country have baseball figured out except the United States? You look at what’s going on down in the Dominican and it looks like it’s Game 7 of the World Series every single night. Fans are going bananas on every home run, there are soccer-esque chants throughout the entire game. Players are bat-flipping moon shots like it’s nobody’s business. Massive brawls are happening on and off the field. It’s all great.

Now we see this Japanese baseball game where fans are having beer chugging competitions on the jumbotron in between innings. Genius. It’s so simple, but so effective. The Yankees love to do this subway train race in between innings on the big screen and it’s lame. Sometimes they’ll do a trivia question where they’ll slip the correct answer to the fan to make it fun. All of that is old. How about twice a game we pick two random fans to chug some beers. The winner gets a free beer. The funny videos that would come from it would be great. I feel like White Sox Dave would demand to be in the game every time he came to Guaranteed Rate Field. Let’s do dizzy bats in between the 5th innings too, fuck it. Flip cup? I know these are very bro suggestions to the sacred game, but it would definitely work.

Every other country has figured out how to make baseball more fun, except us. I’ll watch regardless because I’m addicted to the sport, but the average fan would eat this up.

P.S. I’ve never seen a cockier look than the second chugger gave in the video. He knew this baby was a wrap the moment he saw the 4 second mark pop up on the screen. That’s a pro.