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Crazy, Rabid Moose Causing All Sorts Of Havoc And Destruction On Colorado Town

That moose is out of control! Hide your families and nail down the dog, we have a moose cutting loose and it doesn’t look like anyone will be able to stop it. Just absolutely running amok and causing millions, maybe even thousands of dollars worth of destruction on that Colorado street. One second you’re out for a leisurely drive, the next a moose is stomping on your car and fucking your mother.

It’s like they didn’t understand the danger they were in. One swing of the antler and they’re fucked. I’d actually rather be attacked by a bear than a moose because at least bears are rational. The second they think you’re dead they leave you alone. A moose will hit you when you’re down just to prove a point. Look at how vicious these things are.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 10.30.21 AM

So safe out there. You never know when a moose is going to fuck you up fam.



H/t Gay Pat