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KFC Radio Makes Its Triumphant Return After Last Week's Debacle

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Last week Google fucked us and we couldn’t go live for some reason so me, Big Cat and Feits spent about 25 minutes making jokes to each other before we realized there were only 4 assholes listening. Naturally the masses were in an uproar. Thousands of people were left without their KFC Radio fix. Never fear, motherfuckers. We’re back in the saddle and dialed up an extra long episode to make up for last week. We’ll be posting it in three parts today, tomorrow, and Friday so you can get a 30 minute episode during lunch every day this week. Or if you’re one of the diehards and wanna go listen to the full 90 minutes extravaganza, go to KFCRadio on Youtube and the full version is already available.

Obviously we’re bringing back another round of trivia today for our Barstool hoodie giveaway. New Barstool hoodies are now on sale, but the zip up KFC Radio version are limited edition. Only like 10 of them out there. At 2pm today I’ll be tweeting out a trivia question from @KFCBarstool based on the content of Episode 26, Part 1. Answer the question correctly, and make sure you follow all the other members of the podcast, and you’ll be in the running to win a free hoodie. Here’s all the members you need to follow:


Make sure you call the Barstool hotline for next week – this week’s calls were some of the best in a long time. 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665)