If you don't recognize that Detroit is one of the hottest food scenes in the US, you must be gay.

I am not sure if anyone else here has written about Detroit’s recent resurgence, but I am about to.  Millions of dollars are being pumped into their infra-structure and being used to steadily bring the city and its proud inhabitants back to their rightful place as a premier destination for travelers looking to experience an “old school” US town.


For me, Detroit offers everything I look for when I want to take the family somewhere different for a long weekend.  I don’t have the funds or desire to do much international traveling with my liabilities/kids because the continental US has so many gems to discover.  And now, after a prolonged period of economic distress, Detroit is poised to become the #1 choice for my next family trip.

Redevelopment of the East Riverfront coupled with the various construction projects at Hudson’s site will hopefully bring visitors back the The Motor City and revitalize its economy.  But even outside of the host of projects that are all scheduled to be completed within the next 3-4 years, Detroit has a bustling food scene that is thriving RIGHT NOW, and food is usually a guiding factor for me when choosing a family getaway.


Do you like chicken and waffles?


Then get your ass overt Sweet Potato Sensations in old Redford for their fried chicken and sweet potato waffle special… And Kuzzo’s also does multiple takes on this iconic dish.

Need a slice of pie?


Sister Pie is touted as a “busy hive of baking activity during the day, filled with the thump of rolling pins on dough and the whir of mixers. Visitors can take in the scene while snacking on slices of salted maple pie, buckwheat chocolate chip cookies, and savory hand pies.”

And if you have never tried Detroit-style pizza with its crispy pan-baked corners, then you should definitely hit Eastepointe’s Cloverleaf Restaurant.

A History of Detroit Style Pizza and Where to Find it

Then there’s Phoenecia for Lebanese, Noble Fish for sushi, Que Huong for Vietnamese, The Jamaican Pot for curried goat and pepper steak, etcetera, etcetera.

All-in-all, Detroit is an easy choice for quick trip or prolonged stay, and anyone who cant see that is just a fucking jerk.

Take a report.