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"I Been Bustin That Ass For Years!" - Russell Westbrook, To Damian Lillard

Good God, I love this. We need some more rivalries in the NBA and if there are two guys that won’t back down and will talk that shit it’s Russ and Dame. Also helps they are both really damn good.

It’s just beautiful by Westbrook. A simple yet direct jab at him. Letting Dame know he’s been busting that ass for years. While basketball is obviously a team sport there’s a lot of individual matchup in it, especially when it comes to the same position.

It also helps when you’re in the middle of dropping a 29/14/10 stat line to talk your shit. It’s not even that surprising. Westbrook loves talking shit. He loves to find someone and go after them.

He did just happen to go after the entire Blazers organization last night. Again, this is what we need. Give me this. Give me tunnel fights. Give me people hating each other and consistently talking shit.

Don’t worry, Dame made sure to respond.

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