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Kris Humphries Foot Locker Commercial Makes Me Hate Him A Little Less

There was a time when I actually didn’t mind Kris Humphries. Mainly because I hated Kim Kardashian a thousand times more than him and I just viewed him as the dude snaking her family for all its money. But then I realized “being hated less than Kim K” is far from being a cool dude. Faaaarrrr from it. He’s still a mouth breathing goon who wanted to be a reality TV superstar on E!. I feel like him and Arod would get along perfect. They could sip champagne on a boat somewhere talking about how cool each other are.

But then Hump goes and makes this commercial and earns a shred of respect from me. Kinda owning up to the fact that he’s some wanna be diva star. If you’re gonna be a egotistical douche despite being a grade A loser, the only thing you can do is own up to it and make a funny commercial about it. Self deprecation works every time – even if you’re Mr. Kim Kardashian.

PS – Hump used to at least back it up on the court with a solid double double every night. Now when he’s putting up 6 and 6 at $12 million a year he’s really just an overpaid goon.