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Was Buffalo Wild Wings Behind The Ending Of The Rams-Saints Game? New Video Evidence Suggests So

Wow. Incredible. Turns out the only reason why the refs didn’t call that blatant PI was because a few dudes at Buffalo Wild Wings weren’t ready to head back home to their wives and kids yet and needed the game to go to overtime. Which is understandable considering a day out with the boys at BWW is approximately 50000% better of a time than you’ll have once you get back home. I’d want that day to last as long as possible as well. It’s just a shame the great and proud people of New Orleans have to suffer all because this one man didn’t want to go back home and get bitched at by his old lady about how much he ended up drinking. Oh well, I’m sure that the fans in New Orleans will easily get over this loss and move on to next season. It’s not like they’re going to sign petitions to replay the game or anything like that.

But with this new video evidence, it’s all starting to make sense now. The fact that somebody could get paid to be a professional referee at the highest level of football and be able to miss a call as clear as day like that was befuddling sports fans for the past 72 hours. But now that we know that call came from BWW? Well the math certainly adds up on that one. The only thing I’ll say is that maybe BWW needs to update their control boards. It’s a little embarrassing to still have to flip the “St. Louis” switch in order to fuck with a Rams game. It’s been a few years now, guys. C’mon. But other than that, it makes perfect sense. All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if we see any more funny business next Sunday.

h/t TPS