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German Wolf Man Lives And Eats With Wolfpacks For Over 40 Years

MSNAn Arctic wolf can devour bloody chunks of bone and meat whole — but that doesn’t stop Werner Freund from cuddling up next to the wild animals and sticking his face in the middle of their meal. The wolf researcher, who pioneered German wolf conservation in the 1970s, has been living with wolf packs for more than 40 years. He started Wolfspark sanctuary in Saarland and, at almost 80, the former paratrooper still acts as the alpha male to six distinct packs, describing himself as “half wolf.” Judging from the photos above of Freund howling, wrestling, and ripping into caribou flesh, we believe him

Now on the one hand I tip my cap to Werner Freund. It gets no more Alpha Male than being the Alpha Male in an actual wolfpack. Like we always use the term as a metaphor in social settings. Being the Alpha Male to us is the guy who gets all the attention from the girls or the guy who dominates the conversation. Being Alpha Male fo Werner Freund means he gets first dibs on the dead caribou his wolfpack hunted for dinner. Thats as dominant as it gets. Of course one day one of these wolves is gonna get pissed and absolutely thrash him to pieces in a painful, carnage filled death. But for the time being this guy is so alpha.

At the same time though, I can’t help but feel like Werner stumbled upon the biggest pussy wolfpack of all time. Like they are straight up french kissing Werner. What kind of wolf goes to first base with an old German dude? How about that scene with the caribou flesh? You eat from one end and I’ll eat from the other and we’ll meet in the middle like Lady And The Tramp! Gayest wolves I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wanna hang out with them during dinner like Werner. I’m just saying these ain’t the most ferocious wolves I’ve ever seen.