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This Ref Had The Most Pathetic Attempt To Stop A Court Storming ... Until The End

I’ve watched this video 100 times already and am still belly laughing at it. The ref trying to stop these kids from storming the court by putting up his stop sign is one of the funniest images I’ve seen. I mean, sure, I bet college kids are absolutely listening to ONE ref. College kids are known to always abide by rules and laws. Knocking off a ranked team only makes you more likely to listen to rules.

Well, the ref attempted everything he thought of. He went full stop sign. He gave them the no sign. Then he got physical. I’m one to typically bash refs but I’ll give him credit here. He found the weak link and attacked.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.31.46 PM

He decided that he had to grab the lead guy and push him back. Everyone knows it’s the refs court not the fans court.

Oh, here’s the play.