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Luka Doncic Goes Full Hulk Heading Into Halftime

Who says European players are soft? Luka was already having a ROY type season, but seeing him go full Hulk and destroy his jersey has to earn him some additional votes. The best part of this entire thing is this didn’t come at the final buzzer after a frustrating loss. No no, this came at the half while the Mavs were actually winning! I get it he wanted that last three at the buzzer and sure he was 2-7 in the first half and is currently a rough 4-12, but it’s not like he blew the game. Just take a deep breathe Luka. I do kind of like a kid showing that level of passion in a meaningless January game against Clippers though. Like the Mavs are out of it for the most part, but Luka doesn’t care he knows he played like shit. That’s how you know he wants to be great and I can get down with that.

Also, if we’re evaluating his Hulkster impression you have to give it at least an 8.3/10. A good clean rip, good extension, I think he nailed it.