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This Is A Legitimately Jaw-Dropping Jumping Head Kick Knockout

This came across my feed earlier today, and honestly, I have been picking up the bone fragments of my jaw off the floor ever since.

Head kick knockouts are probably my favorite form of knockout in mixed martial arts or any of the other combat sports where they’re allowed – kickboxing, muay-thai, etc. – due to the combination of how difficult they are to execute and how aesthetically appealing they are to watch, but this one takes the cake as one of the more impressive I’ve ever seen. This is legitimately something outta the Power Rangers, ‘Enter the Dragon’, or ‘Bloodsport’ or something…I don’t even know what it’s outta!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.01.57 PM

Homeboy is IN THE AIR when his foot connects with his opponent’s mouth. How can you even load that up and generate enough power behind it to knock somebody out, all while seemingly in this sorta shitty exchange? I guess the reason I don’t know the answer to that question is why I’m doing the write-up here and not the one throwing the kick, but GOD DAMN man.

If I’m the promoter of this Muay Thai Super Champ thing, I’m making Zhang Jinhu the face of the company, using this moment in every video package I ever put out, and probably freeze-framing and silhouetting it as the new logo. Simply outstanding.